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We have created our films here on Amplify to be inspirational stories with practical advice that you can consider in your own practice.

You are welcome to share our videos far and wide! They will help you make the case for youth voice in your organisation, or could inspire a colleague in another organisation to create programmes too. A few ways you could use the films include:

  • Link from your website to your favourite episodes, or simply to amplify-voice.uk to help others find the resources.

  • Use our videos in your training - be it internally or at conferences or events.

  • To persuade your board to involve youth voice across your organisation - enabling them to hear directly from young people and practitioners can make a world of difference to obtaining buy-in.

  • Use in your advocacy work - share the videos on social media or to enhance existing communications plans to highlight why youth voice is so important.

  • To illustrate what quality looks like - we’ve carefully curated great examples of youth voice from hundreds of brilliant projects available across the country; you can be confident that our examples and features are chosen for a reason - and represent a wide variety of projects.

Don’t forget to also leave us feedback that lets us know how you’re going to use the videos.

Our latest episodes

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An exploration of how young people create and engage in culture that may not fit the DCMS definition of 'culture'.

We visit Croydon, Lincoln and Bristol to explore how young people are challenging the perceptions of culture.

  • Culture & Heritage
  • Music
  • Theatre & Performance

Empowering the voices of young people to make positive change to their own futures and the futures of others

We visit Derbyshire, Durham and Surrey to hear how creative organisations are using youth voice to empower young people to make positive change to their own futures – and the futures of others.

  • Dance
  • Visual Arts
  • Culture & Heritage

Ensuring that the voices of the least heard have meaning and impact

We visit Coventry, Southampton, and Manchester to explore how organisations are working to ensure that marginalised voices are given power, and granting young people agency over their stories and their futures.

  • Visual Arts
  • Theatre & Performance
  • Culture & Heritage
  • Film & Media